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Whether you have visited an online casino or land-based casinos, you will surely find a table made for craps players. At first glance, it is easy for one to get confused because of the many types of bets one can make while playing the game.

The table itself might confuse you a bit because one end of the table is a mirror image of the other end. The rationale for this duplication is to be able to accommodate more players for each single craps table.

What you will find though is that there is only a single bet played in craps which is placed in a single spot of the table layout. All other areas of the table layout can be disregarded. Try to linger a bit on a craps table, and you will find that this game is actually easier than what you may have initially thought it is.

Simplifying the Game

When placing a wager, what you are essentially doing is making a bet against the house in the hope that the person who holds the dice and rolls them will be able to roll a number for him to win. Think of it as piggy-backing on the person rolling the dice.

The house, on the other hand, is betting that this guy is not as lucky. This is the reason why players hoot and holler in a show of camaraderie especially if the player rolling the die does well in the game.

All other players betting for him will also do well. Some references call the person rolling the die as the shooter.

Bets and Rolling the Dice

On the craps table, look for the area with a mark that says Pass Line. That is why we will read a lot of articles that talk about Pass Line bets.

It is basically a series of bets where a player will have to wait for the shooter to roll the dice several times before it is determined that a player has won or lost the game. When the shooter first rolls the dice, it is known as come-out roll and separate from the rolls that follows it.

It is possible that the series ends only with one come-out roll when the shooter gets 7 or even 11. These are called Pass Line winners. On the flip side, one can also get Pass Line losers if the shooter rolls a 2 or 3 or 12. These are called craps and the game ends after these come out rolls.

If the shooter rolls from 4-10 except a 7, they become known as shooter’s point and you can expect a series of rolls to come after them. The objective now is to roll the same point number before it shows a 7, and you win your Pass Line bet.

This is why you will see the shooter rolling the dice several times until the point is rolled again. But if you get a 7 after a point, you lose your bet, and the series also ends

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