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Tips to Winning at Craps

Craps is one of the favorite games of players who visit online and land based casinos. It is interesting to note that players are attracted to this game because players would show camaraderie to the shooter.

Although bets may be placed against the player throwing the dice (don’t pass line bet), one will not necessarily want to go against that person but instead root for the shooter, too (pass line bet). Aside from an obviously fun game to play, advise on which bets to make are simple and easy to understand as long as one has a good grasp of the basics of the game.

Bet to Win

Craps players bet in able to win. The more often this happens, the better a person will continue playing the game. In craps, bets have corresponding house edge and negative values. At best, one can only try to decrease their hourly losses to a minimum by placing wagers with the lowest house edge.

These bets are pass or don’t line, come or don’t line, place 6 or 8, buy 4 or 10 are your best bets under this condition. On the average, you can expect to lose money three to twelve times quicker when you go for bets aside from those mentioned earlier due to house edge differences.

House Edge Per Roll

If the first technique talks about house advantage for bets, there is another system which looks at house edge per roll. This shows as hourly loss. Typically, pacing of these rolls may vary depending on count of players on the table, but 102 rolls in an hour are acknowledged as a good representative of a full table.

Following the same technique, close to 30% of rolls are usually come out rolls, so one would need to factor in the need for extra rolls to fix the pass line bet. This allows one to calculate the hourly rate of loss as well as per 4-day or 5-hour gambling trip per day.

Helpful Tips

One should avoid making proposition bets because these are determined after only one roll and house edge is too high. Other bets one is advised from making are lay bets. This bet comes with 5% commission coupled with low odds. If you feel that this bet will get you a win, then do so by placing bets with set chips or currency.

One may go for buy bets occasionally, which also comes with 5% commission but has better odds compared to lay bets. It can also lower the house edge compared to place bets. Beginners are not advised to try this bet until such time that they have earned some experience and would like to mix things up a bit with various bets.

One may also try making field bets on occasion because it comes with 5.5% house edge. The risk here is because this can only be won in a single roll of the dice which doesn’t provide good odds for winning. When given the opportunity, make free odds bets because it pays true odds. Go ahead and try what you learned in craps.

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