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Best and Worst Strategies in Craps

Many players look forward to getting strategies that would help them get a better chance of winning the game. Knowing a few strategies here and there makes one more competitive and helps keep most players fired up. Imagine playing a game where you have no idea how it could best be played.

Following the same line, you may have very little knowledge about strategies that won’t work at all. Many casino players find value in craps strategies, and if you plan to play other casino games, you will find more to try to study and understand.

Good and Bad Bets

House edge for bets on a pass line is at 1.41% only. The odds get worse for other types of bets. For beginners, it would be better to stick to this bet. What would beat this house edge are don’t pass bets with house edge of 1.36%.

However, not too many players are willing to go against most people, and you may not be up to unnecessarily antagonizing the shooter over a very minimal difference in house edge between pass line and don’t pass bets.

Another bet worth taking is called odds bet after a come out roll. After the point is set, a player can place an additional bet which is a multiple of the pass line bet. This multiple will vary from one casino to another, but twice is commonly seen.

Odds bets is an excellent option because it does pay based on true odds. What this means is that there is no house edge on this type of bet. When you get the opportunity, take this odds bet when playing craps. Following this odds bet, the chances get better when it is combined with the low house edge on a come out roll.

1.41% house edge is decreased dramatically when combined with odds bet, so that you are less advantaged.

On the other side of the coin, you may want to avoid Big 6 bets with a house edge of 9.1%. Big 8 bets are no better than the Big 6 bets which offers the same house edge. It does make sense to avoid these two types of bets. House edge gets higher at 11% or higher if you happen to go for Hard 4 or Hard 10 bets.

Proposition bets are the worst of this lot with house edge of 13.9%. If you can avoid these bets, do so.

Common Sense

There isn’t much what you can do with the roll of the dice, but there is a lot that can be gathered from house edges. The lower the house edge, the better it is for you to go that route. There are several references on these, and one can easily figure them out as soon as you know the basic concept of craps play.

As an alternate for house edge per bets, you may also look up information on house edge for rolls. This will help you calculate rate loss each hour and gambling trips.

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