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Craps Odds for Players

Craps is a game that many feel is fast paced. Many players may take their time when they do so in online casinos, and craps players will be hard put to think on their feet and prepare to make spot decisions.

There is very little information that craps players need to memorize to be able to make good winnings from playing the game. Playing smart would be the way to go such that one should get vital information committed to memory and use that when playing with confidence.

Craps happens to be one of the games with the most favorable odds and lowest house edge among gambling alternatives.

System for Success

There is no perfect system around that guarantees continuous win. Any system that guarantees such will also guarantee a percentage of losses, too. You may get wind of systems that utilizes hedging which is used in order to cover bets with add on bets.

This system may lower house edge to as low as 1.2%, and it can get confusing at times and is not actually a most efficient manner of getting house edge down consistently.

You will also find that if a pass line bet is backed by free odds bet, it can get house edge to less than 1%. But as is common in most systems, betting on the lowest house edge will be the best way to go, especially for new craps players, if you want better odds in your favor.

Probabilities Game

Like most gambling games, odds have mathematical implications, but it is not as difficult as one would have thought. For starters, one could start looking at potential outcomes. In craps, players roll two dices with six different sides, which translate to 36 potential outcomes.

Although the totals one can get range only between 2 to 12, there are 36 different combinations to get them.

Rolling a 2 or 12 can only be done in one combination such that the dice should either turn up as 1s and 6s. There are 2 possible combinations to get totals of 3 and 11; three combinations for totals of 4 and 10; four combinations for totals of 5 and 9 with the most number of combinations of 6 for a total of 7.

To be able to calculate craps odds, divide 36 by the number of possible combinations to get the desired total.

You will hear about seven out so knowing that there are 6 combinations; use that in calculating the craps odds, such as 36/6 or 1:6 chances of getting a 7.

Understanding how probabilities and craps odds are calculated will be beneficial. Use this knowledge to come up with smart bets in conjunction with what you know on house edges. Playing craps smartly means making good decisions while in the middle of the game.

When this happens, players can expect to win a good part of the game instead of hoping that lady luck would smile on you. That won’t come up a lot of times. Get a better grasp of your luck with craps odds.

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